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Shuttle Service Price in Lithuania

Shuttle service price and charge apply to one car. Up to 3 people can travel with our cars.If there are more passengers, we recommend that you contact us no later than 3 days before travel.

We offer the opportunity to transport up to 8 people per car – for that we offer Mercedes Benz and Ford minibuses. Shuttle service price is indicated without VAT.

Are you Traveling Often?

Co-operating with us for a longer period of time and signing the co-operation agreement will give discounts and special offers according to the number of travels within a month.

Due to your comfort we do not separate cars into different classes. Our customer can travel with Mercedes Benz and Subaru cars as well as Mercedes Benz and Ford minibuses. Before each travel, customer has the right to ask for a travel with a car he likes. If the car is available, it will be assigned according to the customers‘ request, if not – a car, available at requested time, will be offered.

The travel price includes:

  • Passengers meeting and escort in the airport and other places;

  • Soft drinks during the travel;

  • Snacks during the travel;

  • Wi-Fi connection in the car.

Shuttle Service Price

Shuttle Service Price (excluding VAT)

Vilnius City

Vilnius Airport – Vilniusfrom 15 €
Vilnius Airport – Vilnius (Suburbs)from 20 €
Vilnius – Kaunas (Kaunas Airport)from 70 €
Vilnius – Trakaifrom 30 €
Vilnius – Druskininkaifrom 80 €
Vilnius – Klaipėdafrom 150 €
Vilnius – Palangafrom 160 €
Vilnius – Nidafrom 180 €
Vilnius – Rigafrom 150 €
Vilnius – Tallinnfrom 400 €
Vilnius – Warsawfrom 250 €
Vilnius City (Excerpt Suburbs*)from 15 €
Vilnius Cityfrom 20 €
Other Destinations** – €

* Suburbs consist of:  Grigiškės, Paneriai, Antakalnis, Verkiai ir Naujoji Vilnia.

** For other shuttle destinations, please contact with us by provided contacts.

Kaunas City

Kaunas – Kaunas Airportfrom 15 €
Kaunas – Vilnius (Vilnius Airport)from 70 €
Kaunas – Trakaifrom 50 €
Kaunas – Druskininkaifrom 80 €
Kaunas – Klaipėdafrom 140 €
Kaunas – Palangafrom 150 €
Kaunas – Nidafrom 170 €
Kaunas – Rigafrom 170 €
Kaunas – Tallinnfrom 400 €
Kaunas – Warsawfrom 230 €
Kaunas Suburbsfrom 20 €
Kaunas cityfrom 15 €
Other Destinations*– €

* For other shuttle destinations, please contact with us by provided contacts.

Important! For more details and exact prices, please contact with us. We will sent you special offer for your Company!

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